Friday, February 15, 2008

Regis Philbin The Basque

What would you know?

Regis Philbin is Basque!

This note comes to us via EITb:


Txapela buruan eta ibili munduan

Basque beret hits ABC's prime time


"Live with Regis and Kelly" host Regis Philbin dressed a Basque beret before the interview to the U.S. actor Samuel L. Jackson. It was a present of the program's producer, Julen Abio from the Basque Country.

"Txapela buruan eta ibili munduan", a Basque proverb says to talk about the open-minded character of the Basques and their capacity to adapt themselves to life anywhere in the world. And the "txapela", a traditional Basque beret, hit the ABC's prime time just before the interview to Samuel L. Jackson at the "Live with Regis and Kelly" talk show.

Regis Philbin probably got the Basque beret from the producer of the program Julen Abio, born in the Basque Country.

Philbin did not doubt and he dressed the "txapela" as soon as he got it, in an unusual way, and went into the set where Kelly and Samuel L. Jackson were waiting for him.

"I am a Basque, I'm Basque, I'm really, really Basque", Regis says as soon as he sits down. "The Basque beret", Jackson answers. A close-up shows some moments later an embroidery on the "txapela" reading "New York Basque Club".

Julen Abio is the president of the Basque center in New York. Born in the Basque town of Bakio, he has been living in the United States for the last 43 years. He feels Basque and does not miss a chance to make the Basque Country known all over the world. interviewed him in August.

The best part is to find out that not only Regis is aware of who the Basques are, but also Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson. Congratulations to Julen Abio for his great work.

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