Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nothing Has Changed / Ezer Ez Da Aldatu

The Basque newspaper Gara is broadcasting this video produced by TAT.

This is the text that goes with the video:

Once again, you will read the report we didn't want to write. The report which collects the testimonies of people who have known the hell. This year the report has 42 testimonies, ¿when will come the last one?

At the same time, people who have suffered torture in the last 30 years have looked us to the eyes and have composed a poem. We have recorded them in a DVD. The look in their eyes and their words. The eyes and the words that have known the darkness.

XXIst Century, 8th year. When the hushed up screams of the tortured people will wake us up?

On sale with Gara newspaper on saturday 9th of February and sunday 10th of February. 9,95€

We must demand from Madrid to stop the widespread practice of torture against the Basques and many other groups that are easy prey to the repressive forces in authoritarian Spain represented by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and led by Juan Carlos Borbon.

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