Tuesday, January 08, 2008

About Portu's Detention

Here you have a note by EITb regarding Igor Portu's torture at the hands of the Spanish government lead by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero:


Hospitalized after his detention

Contradictory versions about Igor Portu’s case


According to the official version, Spanish police used violence to arrest him. However, he was taken to a forensic surgeon after past 15 hours. His family states that he was feeling well at his home’s search.

The official version and the one given by the family and Askatasuna about Igor Portu’s case, arrested on Sunday in a road checkpoint together with Mattin Sarasola and accused of being “legal” members of ETA, do not match.

The young arrested from Lesaka, was admitted on Monday in hospital around four o’clock in the morning and remained hospitalized. He is seriously ill and is in the Intensive Care Unity (UCI) to get treatment.

The police took him to hospital “walking by himself and conscious” and he told them he had been “punched on his face, thorax and abdomen”.

The official version, backed by the Interior Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, assures that he was beat because he put up resistance (produced at 11:00 on Sunday). According to the Minister, at the detention moment, the alleged member of the armed band ETA tried to escape and agents had to use their force to detain them.

The version supported by the family and Askatasuna is totally different. Both say Portu was present at his home’s searching and even if he was “tired”, he was feeling well. This version has been supported by Lesaka’s Mayor, Koldo Erkizia, (EA), who saw the arrested at the searching.

Due to the two contradictory versions, the Police Court in Donostia-San Sebastián has begun an investigation to clearify what happened.

Igor Portu is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unity (UCI) in Donostia’s Hospital and has his ninth left rib broken and he also has a “serious” pneumothorax, or in other words, air and blood in his lungs. He has a pierced lung and blows in his eye, back and chest. His knees and ankles are also torn.

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