Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of Denial

That is the only way to describe what Madrid is up to these days. Through their corrupt they are still trying to punish Hernani's mayor Marian Beitialarrangoitia for denouncing the widespread practice of torture against Basque nationals by Spain's occupation forces in Euskal Herria.

Here you have the note appeared at EITb:


High Court's prosecutor's office

Trial file against Beitialarrangoitia appealed


Public prosecutor’s office believes that the Mayor committed a crime of serious slanders and libels against Spanish Security Forces for accusing "police and repressive forces" of using "torture systematically".

High Court’s Prosecutor’s office has appealed Criminal Division of the National Court against Santiago Pedraz’s decision of filing away the open trial to the Mayor of Hernani, in Gipuzkoa, from the Basque Nationalist Action party ANV about an alleged crime in praise of terrorism and has accused her of slandering police.

In the appeal, the prosecutor’s office insists on the fact that Hernani’s Mayor, Marian Beitialarrangoitia, committed a crime in praise of terrorism when in an electoral act of ANV celebrated last January 12th in Pamplona, she asked for applause "as warm as possible" for he alleged ETA members Igor Portu and Martín Sarasola and all Basque political prisoners.

Moreover, Public Minister considers The Mayor responsible of an alleged crime about serious slanders and libels against Spanish Security Forces. She stated that "all police and repressive forces" use "torture systematically against Basque independence supporters".

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