Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kudos Ibarretxe!

Well, what would you know, Ibarretxe is not buying into Zapatero's antics anymore!

You don't believe me?

Not a problem, here, read this note appeared at EITb:


Spain-Basque Country relationship

Basque PM confesses to being "fed up with" Zapatero's "good vibes"


According to Ibarretxe, "there has not been respect" to the Basques "despite the good words". He added the banning of ANV would be one more chapter of the "election act".

Basque Primer Minister Juan José Ibarretxe confessed on Wednesday to being "fed up with the good vibes" of the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, whom Ibarretxe accused of being disrespectful to the Basques.

Ibarretxe added the attitude of the conservative party PP and the governing PSOE towards Catalonia and the Basque Country is completely identical. "One thinks that the PP and the PSOE's conduct around the respect to the Basques and Catalans is a Siamese conduct", the Basque PM said.

Ibarretxe said he considers it is "quite difficult" to have a good relationship with the PP, "so rough, so hard, so bitter", but he added he is also "fed up with the good vibes" of Zapatero, as, "behind his good words, there has not been respect" to the Basques.

The Basque PM also reminded that the only transfer of power from the Spanish to the Basque government was in timed of José María Aznar.

Speaking to the Catalan radio station Rac 1, about PP and PSOE's attitude towards the Basque and Catalan languages, Ibarretxe pointed out that PP and PSOE do not realize that "the Catalan language, the Basque language belong to the Catalans and Basques, but they are also world heritage".

Excellent, now, lets get to work and reinvigorate the peace process by adding efforts with all the Basque political parties to enable the Basques to present an unified front against both the sandpaper lies by the PP and the velvet lies by the PSOE.

Oh, and by the way, Ibarretxe, is time to do something about the PP-PSOE's mole in the PNV and incarcerate Javie Balza for his recent apology of torture.

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