Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ken Follet in Gazteiz

This note appeared at Think Spain:


Ken Follett statue unveiled in Vitoria

By: thinkSPAIN

Welsh author, Ken Follett, unveiled a statue of himself, the first ever made, in the Basque town of Vitoria earlier today during a two-day visit to promote the Spanish version of his new novel 'World Without End', which is the sequel to the highly successful 'The Pillars of the Earth'.

The bronze statue, which shows Follett standing up, in a reflective pose with his hand on his chin, is the work of local artist, Casto Solano, and has been erected in the Plaza de las Burullerías, near the cathedral.

The president of the Vitoria Cathedral Foundation, Lorena López de Lacalle, revealed during this morning's ceremony that Follett's family had been very amused when he told them about the statue, and had teased him about being depicted on horseback.

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