Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Suffocating Democracy

Under the rule of the socialist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Madrid decides to expand its repressive measures against the Basque people by abducting the politic rights of ample sectors of the electorate by threatening with banning two more political parties.

Here you have the note appeared at EITb:


Likely to be banned

ANV, EHAK accuse governing Socialists of choosing "repression"


ANV reiterated that "it will stand" in the Spanish parliamentary election on March 9. EHAK have made an appeal for protests against a possible banning.

Basque left-wing parties ANV and EHAK accused the governing Socialist party PSOE of choosing "repression" as several Spanish media report that the two Basque parties might be barred within the next two weeks from any political activity.

In a press conference in which there were no questions, a spokesman for ANV denounced the Spanish Government wants to "criminalize" the Basque party "for expressing a loving attitude towards a certain sector of the population." He also denounced the Spain's High Court might use the "words of the Mayor of Hernani Marian Beitialarrangoitia, exercising her freedom of speech" as evidence to outlaw ANV.

"The Government's injustice seems endless" the ANV spokesman said as he pointed out that "this can only happen in a country very ill and weak in democratic values".

In a separate press conference, spokeswoman for EHAK Nekane Erauskin appealed for the "capacity to fight repression back" and asked the Basques to protest against the "activation of the judicial and police reins" to ban EHAK.

She also denounced that the Basque parties PNV, EA, EB and Aralar take advantage of the law of Political Parties despite saying in public they are against it.

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