Monday, January 07, 2008

Igor Portu : New Case of Torture

Here we have Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero trying to outdo Jose Maria Aznar and Felipe Gonzalez as the most effective dispenser of repression against the Basque people in the post-Franco era.

Drinking from the same stagnant waters of aggressive ultra nationalism left behind by Francisco Franco as a legacy to the Spanish politicians, Zapatero's government is involved in yet another case of torture against a Basque national.

Here you have the note published by EITb:


Igor Portu, seriously ill

Police Court opens investigation


Igor Portu, who was arrested yesterday in Arrasate, is hospitalized in Donostia after being beaten. He has a broken rib, air and blood in his lungs, a pierced lung and blows on his eye, back and chest.

One of the alleged members of the Basque armed group ETA arrested yesterday in Arrasate/Mondragón, Guipuzcoa, Igor Portu, is hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unity (UCI) in Donostia’s Hospital, as Osakidetza, Basque Health Service sources have informed.

According to the medical report, Igor Portu has his ninth left rib broken and he also has a “serious” pneumothorax, or in other words, air and blood in his lungs. He has a pierced lung and blows in his eye, back and chest. His knees and ankles are also torn.

The police took him to hospital “walking by himself and conscious” and he told them he had been “punched on his face, thorax and abdomen”.

Igor Portu was hospitalised a few minutes before four o’clock in the morning, and has remained admitted in the Intense Care Unity.
The Police Court has opened an investigation to clarify what has happened.

Askatasuna blames PSOE and PNV

Pro-admisty organization Askatasuna has worried about the treat received by Portu while he was in Spanish police hands, and for the treat the other arrested martin Sarasola could be getting too.

In fact, Askatasuna has reminded Gorka Lupiañez’s, who denounced being tortured.

Askatasuna has denounced that PSOE "uses torture" to "get their political interests". They have also blamed PNV and Basque Government to whom they accuse of “complicity”.

Both were arrested yesterday

The first one is Igor Portu, who is 29 years old, and the second one is Martin Sarasola, of 30 years old age. The detentions were produced in a checkpoint established by the Spanish Police’s Antiterrorist Groups (GAR) in this locality in Guipuzcoa.

As information sources informed, found in the car searching two guns covered with cellophane-like paper, hidden in big backpacks. Some agencies inform that they were given to them “recently”.

Last night Spanish police began the searching of the two arrested. During the searching, which took for four hours, and finished around 01:00, about thirty people have met to show their support to the arrested ones.

“Legal” members

These same sources consider Portu and Sarasola “legal” members of the armed organization, or in other words, members which have not been recorded by police.

These two detentions could be related, as the same Sources State, with the Gorka Lupiañez Mintegi's detention, made in Berriz last month and also by the Spanish police. The investigation remains open and some more detentions could be made.

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