Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grande Marlaka Delivers Scape Goat

Rodriguez Zapatero is in dire need to consolidate his government's political legacy. He worked hard to derail the Peace Process in the Basque Country and months away from his standoff against Mariano Rajoy he was aching for a trump card.

It came in the form of Igor Portu and Mattin Sarasola who were tortured by the Franco-era Guardia Civil in order to extract their confessions as the authors of the 2006 Madrid airport's parking deck bombing. So, enter Fernando Grande-Marlaska who as the bearer of good news for Zapatero delivered Portu's conviction.

Here you have a note by EITb regarding Grande-Marlaska's favor to Zapatero:


Hospitalized since Monday

Spanish judge orders imprisonment of injured ETA suspect


The judge accused Igor Portu of bombing Madrid airport. Tomorrow, he will interrogate Mattin Sarasola, the other presumed ETA member arrested Sunday.

Spanish High Court judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska ordered the imprisonment of Igor Portu, the alleged Basque armed group ETA member arrested Sunday who is hospitalized since Monday for the injuries he suffered after he was arrested.

According to legal sources, the judge accused him of bombing Madrid airport December 30, 2006, among other crimes.

Grande Marlaska agreed to keep him isolated for some days.

The Spanish High Court judge expects to interrogate the other alleged ETA member who was arrested together with Portu on Friday in Madrid.

Presumed torture

On the other hand, a Donostia-San Sebastian court took Portu’s statement for the injuries he suffered after his arrest Sunday.

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