Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Relatives : Igor Was Tortured

Here you have a note by EITb that tells a story of torture and deception by the Spanish state:


They refuse official version

Relatives of injured ETA suspect denounce "he has been tortured"


The uncle of the arrested boy assured his nephew was injured after the search of Lesaka and not during the arrest, as Spain’s Interior Minister reported.

Relatives of Igor Portu, the alleged member of Basque armed group ETA who was taken into hospital after his arrest Sunday, presented a complaint in the Navarre ombudsman’s headquarters.

However, they could not meet the ombudsman Javier Eneriz, because he was not present at that moment.

Francisco Portu, Igor Portu’s uncle, criticised the version reported by Spain’s Interior Minister Rubalcaba, and assured his nephew was injured after the search in the town of Lesaka (Navarre) and not during the arrest.

Francisco Portu criticised Rubalcaba’s official version as he said Portu was injured during the arrest. But he assured his brother “saw his son at about 1:00 a.m. and he did not have any ribs broken.

According to his statement, it happened more than 10 hours after the arrest “and he could not have been such a long time with the rib broken and the lung perforated, because the doctor told us he was taken to hospital at time, otherwise the injuries would have been really serious”.

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