Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CAV's Government Demands Answer

The case of state sponsored terrorism by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's government in the form of torture against Igor Portu and Mattin Sarasola is attracting everyone's attention, including the government of the Basque Autonomous Community.

Here you have this note published by EITb:


Suspicious of the official source

Basque Govt. demands explanation of injured ETA suspect's case


Some political parties have also demanded an explanation of the arrest of Igor Portu, who is still in hospital. Basque Councilor of Justice says "he does not trust the official version of events."

Spokeswoman for the Basque Government Miren Azkarate said on Tuesday ETA's violence "is not fought by diminishing democracy but by observing and respecting the human rights."

In a press statement in Vitoria-Gasteiz talking about the arrest of the suspected member of ETA Igor Portu, Azkarate said the events happened during the arrest "are serious enough so as to demand the Spanish Government and explanation at once."

"If it is true that the injuries were caused as he was being arrested, the Government will have to explain why it took them 15 hours to take him to hospital and why it was not reported from the very first moment that force was used to arrest the suspect", the Basque spokeswoman added.

Azkarate also demanded an explanation of "how the suspect could take part in the search of his house normally".

Basque Government's Justice Councilor Joseba Azkarraga said he does not trust the official version of the events concerning the hospitalization of Igor Portu "because there are things that do not tally".

Azkarraga referred to the explanation given by the Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, who said that "the arrests I've just told you about were carried out scrupulously in line with our anti-terrorist legislation." Azkarraga wonders why "the arrest took place at one in the afternoon and the suspect was taken to hospital at four in the morning after having witnessed the search of his house".

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