Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Kelly Family's Basque Success

Remember the video by The Kelly Family to a Basque song that I posted a couple of days ago?

Well, here you have an update about the craze it stirred among Basque internet users:


Video in internet

Kelly Family’s Basque song "Agur Jaunak", succeeds in Youtube


It had nearly 5.000 visits in six months, as many as the ones it has had now in only six days. It started moving through e-mails and, as has checked.

A video in which the Irish American music group The Kelly Family sings the famous Basque song "Agur Jaunak" in a multitudinary concert, has become this week the last youtube’s phenomenon among Basque internauts, according to the data obtained by

During these days, through e-mails “bounced” and from a news promotion Basque site called, this video has doubled its visits number. It was uploaded in Youtube on 22nd of June and it was visited by nearly 5.000 people in six months. In the last week, since it has been moving among Basque internauts, it has had more than 10.000 visits.

The Kelly Family is a folk music group with more than 30 years with several millions albums sold in Europe. The famous group is formed by nine brothers and sisters and their children. They moved from US to Germany and after 1973, they arrived in Pamplona/Iruña, where they gave concerts in a known pub.

Two years after, in 1975, they became famous while they were playing at streets and they soon recorded their first album, which was really successful in Germany, and in all Europe after that.

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