Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year of the Referendum

Ibarretxe welcomes the year 2008 with a compromise to hold the referendum:


Christmas Eve's Message

Basque PM: “2008 will be a very important year”


He points out that during 2008 "Basque country’s future will be decided" and that he will pass on the word to society on October 25th. He agrees to take the dialogue “with no exclusion up to the final consequences”.

The Basque Prime Minister, Juan José Ibarretxe, is convinced that 2008 will be a very important year since “Basque Country’s future will be decided for along time”. “We will all open a new historical cycle to build a coexistence future over three supports: Peace, Dialogue and Decision”, he underlines in his Christmas Eve’s message to Basque society. The Basque premier "firmly" believes that the solution is in Basque society’s hands, so that he reminds that he will pass on the word to them on October 25th.

The Basque Prime Minister begins his message remembering Basque armed group ETA’s ceasefire end. Ibarretxe talks about frustration, but of hope too: " nobody and nothing will be able to take away our hope of getting out from the violence tunnel and find a peaceful and democratic solution to the Basque political conflict”, he says.

Ibarretxe points out that Basque society is not prepared to be “taken away towards the destructive past”, that is why he agrees to begin in 2008 “a new period that allows us to break the destructive spiral of violence and achieve the political normalization”.

"Peace, dialogue and decision" are in Ibarretxe’s words the supports for a coexistence future. Therefore he demands ETA to disappear: "We do not want any more victims. Violence must disappear and that is a decision which corresponds to ETA in an unilateral and irreversible way”.

In relation with the second support, Dialogue, Ibarretxe considers that political solutions must be found because “there is no solution if there is no dialogue”. Ibarretxe underlines that he does not believe in a solution based on illegalizations.

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