Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Basque Kids in Boise

The Idaho Statesman published this note:

What we have seen: Kerry Maloney looks back at 2007 through the lens

By Kerry Maloney -
Edition Date: 01/01/08

Last year I met wonderful people who graciously let me into their lives to take their pictures and tell their stories.

Looking back on the year, I had a lot of fun.

At Basque immersion camp, I learned a bit about the Basque culture through the children who are carrying on their family traditions. It was absolutely amazing for me to see them pick up new words so quickly in just a few days. It was so natural for the children to effortlessly weave between languages.

The few afternoons that I spent working on the story at the Basque center were days I felt as if I was going on vacation to another country. It took weeks for me to get the catchy tune of Basque children’s songs out of my head. I hummed in the office, spreading the infectious melody like a virus to my co-workers. I’m sure I had as much fun as the kids did.


Great story to start the year.

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