Monday, January 14, 2008

Abuse of Power

Speaking of Hernani, EITb brings us a note that exposes Spain as a totalitarian state. First the Spanish police forces arrested and tortured two Basques youths a week ago, from the torture they extracted some outlandish confessions that Spanish judge Grande-Marlaska validated, throughout the process Spain's Minister of the Interior Rubalcaba was found lying in an attempt to excuse the brutal methods used by the police against Basque activists. Well, as if all that was not enough, now Madrid threatens Hernani's mayor Marian Beitialarrangoitia for expressing the solidarity of the Basque people for the two youths named Igor Portu and Mattin Sarasola.

Here you have the note:


According to judicial sources

Public Prosecutor asks for legal action against Mayor of Hernani


In a political rally in Pamplona/Iruña, Marian Beitialarrangoitia of the Basque leftist party ANV requested a round of applause for the two presumed ETA members Igor Portu and Mattin Sarasola arrested last week.

Spain's Public Prosecutor's Office asked on Sunday for legal action against Mayor of Hernani Marian Beitialarrangoitia for her conduct in a political rally in Pamplona/Iruña, official sources said on Sunday.

Marian Beitialarrangoitia, Mayor of the Basque town of Hernani, took part in a political rally of the left-wing party ANV to present the list of candidates for the March parliamentary vote. During the rally, Beitialarrangoitia requested a round of applause for Igor Portu and Mattin Sarasola, two presumed members of the armed Basque group ETA arrested last week.

According to judicial sources, the ANV mayor could be accused of praising terrorism.

What this means is that in Spain speaking out against torture and showing solidarity with the victims of this criminal policy by the Spanish state is a crime.

My goodness, is like Francisco Franco is alive and kicking. Only that this time the one behind all the state sponsored terrorism is a "socialist" called Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

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