Monday, January 14, 2008

Leizarraga's Text Back Home

An important piece of Basque cultural heritage is now back home. Here you have the note via EITb:


For 20,500 pounds

Leizarraga’s New Testament has already an owner


Last November 28, the prestigious Shoteby’s Auction House of London put Leizarraga’s New Testament for auction but nobody bought it. Finally, Euskaltzaindia has bought it.

Leizarraga’s New Testament, published in 1571, has already an owner; Euskaltzaindia, the Royal Academy of Basque Language, bought it for 20,500 pounds. This work is the first Bible published exclusively in Basque language.

The prestigious Shoteby’s Auction House of London put the New Testament written by Basque Protestant priest Joannes Leizarraga for auction. Its first price was 20,000 pounds. However, nobody offered more and therefore the copy was not sold. As a consequence, Euskaltzaindia contacted the auction house and, after some negotiations, they finally managed to buy the famous work.

The New Testament written by Leizarraga is the second book written in Basque language.

Leizarraga was born in Beskoitze (Northern Basque Country) and he died in Bastida in 1601.

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